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Keeping up with the financial markets takes time and know-how.

At Frontwater Capital, we are driven by the desire to constantly find new investment opportunities and innovative ways to generate returns for our clients while staying disciplined.

We work with each client to determine an appropriate disciplined strategy based on individual goals, preferences, and circumstances. Our advice is motivated by one concern alone - acting in the best interests of our clients.

Different Investors, Different Needs

The options for investing our savings are continually increasing, yet every single investment vehicle can be easily categorized according to three fundamental characteristics - safety, income and growth.

Capital Preservation:

This class of individuals generally wish to ensure their savings are not lost or reduced for any reason other than their own withdrawals. Empahsis here is on preserving capital, mitigating stock market volatility, and building wealth for retirement.

Income Generation

Most investors, even the most conservative-minded ones, want some level of income generation in their portfolios, even if it's just to keep up with the economy's rate of inflation. Generally, retirees or those on disability favour this objective for a primary part of their portfolio to help generate spendable funds.

Capital Appreciation:

This type of investnment strategy focuses more on capital growth. Investors within this class have the financial capacity to sustain a market downturn and a reasonable time horizon to participate in market rebounds.

Our Services
Asset Allocation

At Frontwater Capital, asset allocation is the fundamental tenet of long-term investing. It's also part of the wealth management process where we establish your objectives, set a strategy, implement solutions and review progress.

Option Overlay Strategy

Option overlay strategies can augment existing risk management investment objectives, increase cash flow for income strategies, and provide a "premium cash payment" for limit orders.

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