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Corporate Risk Consulting
Risk Management is our business.

Commodity Risk Management Is Our BusinessWelcome To Frontwater's Corporate Risk Group

Why Choose Us?
Proven Risk Management Philosophy

Our hedging philosophy is firmly rooted in proven principles of risk management. Our goal is to reduce volatility and ensure cost certainty for our customers by adhering to a disciplined risk strategy

Licensed Portfolio Manager

Unlike traditional consulting firms which lack real world trading experience Frontwater Capital actively trades derivatives on behalf of its clients on a daily basis. This function gives our company a perspective that is consistent with our corporate client base as we too have to deal with the intricate maze of financial risk management, hedge accounting, risk policies, and technologies issues.

Analytical Tools & Reporting

We create opportunities for risk managers and purchasing officers to better support senior management with insight into commodity cost and currency forecasting along with year over year comparisons. Frontwater Capital brings sophistication,experience,and knowledge in the oversight of financial commodity risk management.

Proprietary Risk Management Software (CRiSP)

At Frontwater, we have developed our own proprietary risk management software that license out to various industrial players in managing their own risk whether they be currency or commodity related.

We believe technology infrastructure provides the core foundation that enables companies to move towards a systematic and integrated approach in measuring market related risks.

The strategic benefits of such a system include improved transparency, better insight into cost structures, and variance reporting for comparative and trend analysis.

Our Services
Do you engage in large foreign currency transactions? Do currency fluctuations impact your profitability? Frontwater offers professional expertise to help companies manage foreign exchange exposure and ensure operating margin certainty.
Retirement Planning
Frontwater Capital provides hedging and financial risk management expertise to help companies minimize volatility and facilitate cost certainty in the commodity arena. Our team brings a wide range of experience from hedging precious metals to agricultural products and energy derivatives.
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