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Jeff Kaminker

Rapidly changing tax legislation means that personal tax advice is essential for high net worth individuals, and entrepreneurs.

Often you can realize the greatest tax efficiencies by setting a strategy in advance — sometimes years in advance — and adapting it as circumstances require.

To take that sort of long-term approach requires an in-depth knowledge. At Frontwater Capital, we can provide you with independent advice, and help you through the confusing terminology:

  • Maximize your use of government sponsored tax shelters
  • Take advantage of all available tax credits and deductions
  • Create trusts for effficient estate planning and wealth transfer
  • Use life insurance products to enhance economic returns


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Financial Planning

The investment environment is ever changing and doing a financial plan is an important first step. Everyone wants to know the same things when it comes to financial and tax planning for retirement. +more

Retirement Planning

The majority of retirees today aren't just living longer — they're also living younger. Still vital and energetic once they hit 65, retirees can now expect to live another 20 to 30 years. While these extra years offer much to be desired, they also present financial risk — the risk that you could outlive your savings. In fact, concerns about having enough money in retirement are common among 40 to 55 year olds. +more

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