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CRiSP (Corporate Risk System Platform)

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At Frontwater, we have developed our own proprietary risk management software which we license out to various industrial players in helping them manage their own risk exposure.

We believe technology infrastructure provides the core foundation that enables companies to move towards a systematic and integrated approach in measuring market related risks.

The strategic benefits of such a system include improved transparency, better insight into cost structures, and variance reporting for comparative and trend analysis.

If you would like to demo CRiSP, please contact us at 1-877-903-9031 or email us at

Industries We Service
Food Manufacturers Metals and Materials
Bakeries Oil & Gas
Agricultural and Fertilizer Power & Utilities
Consumer Products Air, Rail, Transportation
Grocery Retailers Process & Industrial Products
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Do you engage in large foreign currency transactions? Do currency fluctuations impact your profitability? Frontwater offers professional expertise to help companies manage foreign exchange exposure and ensure operating margin certainty.
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Frontwater Capital provides hedging and financial risk management expertise to help companies minimize volatility and facilitate cost certainty in the commodity arean. Our team brings a wide range of experience from hedging precious metals to agricultural products and energy derivatives.
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